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Fundación Sando.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Grupo Sando.

Grupo sando

> Noticias:

Sando Foundation proposes a Technological Challenge for the University of Malaga Spin-off Awards

The Foundation will give 3,000 euros to the best solution for deploying 4.0 technologies in civil works and conservation of infrastructures

This year the Sando Foundation is taking part in the University of Malaga Spin-off Awards with a Technological Challenge. The entity will award 3000 euros to the solution that presents the most complete business model for implementation of 4.0 technologies in construction processes in civil works and in the conservation and maintenance of infrastructures (railways, roads, airports, ports, hydraulic, etc.).

The Challenge proposed by the Sando Foundation is included in the Sando business group’s R&D&i policy and is set in the technologies currently being developed in the company, such as 3D models, augmented reality, robotics, ITT, cloud computing, big data, BI or 3D printing, among others.

The call is published on the University of Malaga’s web page and students, recent graduates and teaching and research staff of the academic institution can take part in the same category.
The winners of the technological Challenge will also have incubation, training and mentoring resources and can receive advice prior to presenting their personal project from the Sando Foundation.

The philosophy of the Spin-off awards, where the knowledge and research of the university´s own network is used for the exploitation of new products or services, matches one of the Sando Foundation’s main aims, which is dissemination of culture and research.

The deadline for submission of applications will end on June 30, and one of the main selection criteria is the innovative nature and creativity of the product, service, process or technologies used.

Fecha: 13/06/2018

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