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Fundación Sando.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Grupo Sando.

Grupo sando

> Noticias:

A system for the intelligent monitoring of structures wins the Sando Foundation Challenge at the University of Malaga Spin-Off Awards

Sando Foundation´s general manager, Esther Sánchez Manzano, has handed over the cheque for 3,000 Euro to the winners

The Finite Elements Self-Correction Monitoring project has won the prize for the Challenge by the Sando Foundation in the 23rd Spin-Off Contest organised annually by the University of Malaga.

The awarding of the prize took place this afternoon at an event chaired by the rector of the University of Malaga, José Ángel Narváez, in The Green Ray building. Sando Foundation’s General Manager, Esther Sánchez Manzano, handed over a cheque for 3,000 Euro to the two students of the Industrial Technology Engineering degree who have presented the project, Álvaro Muñiz and Carlos Jiménez.

The objective of the proposal is to develop an intelligent monitoring system of technical parameters in different structures that can indicate precisely, remotely and in real time their behaviour at all times in order to identify any type of pathology.

Sando Foundation proposed in its Challenge a search for technological solutions to develop tracking and monitoring of infrastructures. The challenge falls within the field of road maintenance and, among the requirements, it proposed reporting information on parameters such as voltage, inclination, vibration, fatigue, corrosion, displacement, humidity and temperature in real time and with 100% reliability.

During the coming months the winners of the Sando Foundation Challenge will attend, in the University of Malaga, a professional mentoring programme to develop the proposal in depth. In this process they will also have the advice of Sando Foundation.

In the previous edition Sando Foundation awarded the prize of its Challenge to the SAFETRACK[IN] project, a solution for the implementation of 4.0 technologies in infrastructure construction and conservation processes.

The Spin-Off Competition has been held for twenty-three years to encourage projects for the creation of new companies in the university field, promoting the conception and consolidation of ideas based on knowledge and scientific-technological advances.

Fecha: 22/07/2019

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