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Fundación Sando.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Grupo Sando.

Grupo sando

> Noticias:

The Sando Foundation and the Rafael Pérez Estrada Foundation sign a collaboration agreement to promote creativity among children with special needs

Both foundations decide to join efforts to promote creativity and publicise the work of Malaga´s Rafael Pérez Estrada in several workshops in centres for minors with special needs.

“Interpretarte-Rafael Pérez Estrada” is the title of the cycle of art therapy workshops that will be carried out by the Rafael Pérez Estrada Foundation together with the Art & Museum company, made possible thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the Sando Foundation.

The workshops are part of the cultural programme: “The Demiurge. Creative laboratory” aimed at promoting ingenuity, imagination and creativity. On this occasion art will be used for a therapeutic purpose in children with reduced mobility or with special needs.
It is designed to present to these children the figure of the writer and artist from Malaga and invest in artistic education and promoting creativity as a therapy to improve health and well-being.

There will six sessions in total in which these children can unleash their imagination and reinterpret some of Rafael Pérez Estrada´s best-known works, using mixed techniques such as drawing or collage.
The sessions will begin on 8 October and end on 12 December and will take place at the centres: La Traíña de El Palo Association (October), Child and Youth Mental Health Unit (November) and Dulce Nombre de María Psycho-pedagogical Institute (December).

The works of the participants in this cycle will be exhibited in the Moreno Gallery in early 2020, in a joint exhibition.

It is essential to support institutions committed to culture and society in order to add and thus be able to carry out initiatives such as this.

Fecha: 04/10/2019

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