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Fundación Sando.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Grupo Sando.

Grupo sando

> Noticias:

The Sando Foundation organises in November the 6th National Health and Safety in Construction Meeting

The Sando Foundation organises in November the 6th National Health and Safety in Construction Meeting

The Sando business group has certified a new technological process for the rehabilitation of buildings and constructions with historical and heritage interest using the laser scanner and BIM tools (Building Information Modeling). The certification has been carried out in accordance with the UNE 166001: 2006 standard for innovation in the use, application and implementation of this new process after checking its efficiency.

The method developed by Sando, called Prorehesla, uses a laser that precisely scans an infrastructure in real time. The data obtained is represented by a point cloud and subsequently transformed into a 3D model.
All this information is processed by means of the BIM collaborative work methodology, which allows Sando to study the actual conditions of its surroundings and preserve the historical and archaeological heritage in a more precise way.

In current architecture one of the most complex actions consists of the rehabilitation of buildings of historical interest, due to the limitations generated by the elements that are to be preserved, dimensions, their location in space, etc. The information collected by the 3D laser scanner can be used in the different design and construction stages, also serving as a witness to the original state of the project before its restoration.

Sando has developed this “Scan to BIM” technology, as it is known technically, during the execution of the works of the Madrid Metro in the Gran Vía and in the works for the rehabilitation of the rationalist style building of “El Olivillo” in Cádiz, by the prestigious architect Antonio Sánchez Esteve.

With Prorehesla Sando applies in its interventions a new systematic process of capture and enhancement of information that allows it to adapt the initial design of the architectural project to the spatial circumstances existing in reality.

With this methodology Sando can execute rehabilitation projects in less time, eliminating a high percentage of human error in the design process and avoiding exposure to occupational hazards by collecting all the information in a single visit to the work and sharing it in real time with the whole team.

Parallel to this certification, the Sando business group and the consultant Grant Thornton are carrying out the Rebecca research project, which aims to create an intelligent system for the automatic application of the BIM methodology under construction.

Fecha: 28/10/2019

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