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Fundación Sando.

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Grupo Sando.

Grupo sando

> Noticias:

Adecco Foundation and Sando Foundation will set up actions for the integration of people with disabilities in Malaga

Both companies will develop initiatives to help them find work with equal conditions. Family Plan, corporate voluntary work or Assistance with professional Qualifications, among others.

Presently, around 60.000 people with disabilities live in Malaga and the percentage of those who work is 33%, less than the national average (37%).

Adecco Foundation and Sando Foundation, well-respected social companies based in Malaga, have decided to join together and combining their efforts, commitment and experience to achieve the same objective: complete integration of people with disabilities who live in Malaga, affecting some 60,000 people approximately.

To this end, they have set up a collaboration that will enable them to unfold actions and programmes aimed at encouraging self-dependence and gaining access to the labour market for this sector of the population. The percentage of those working is in the region of 33% as opposed to 37% registered working on a national level. In other words, 67% of people with disabilities in Malaga have no work and nor are they looking for work, largely due to a lack of “self-esteem” that leads to inactivity due to their lack of confidence when it comes down to employment.

The agreement has been entered into by Esther Sánchez Manzano, the general director of the Sando Foundation and Miguel Ángel de Pedro Jiménez, the co-ordinator of Adecco Foundation for Eastern Andalusia.

According to Sánchez Manzano, “We, at Sando Foundation, are conscious of the fact that people are the main force for developing all that is around us. To this effect, people with disabilities count, and they have huge potential for talent. However, their participation in the labour market is still only minimal, due largely to prejudice and stereotyping that leads to discrimination. The agreement we are entering into today is aimed specifically at eradicating these now obsolete beliefs and to push forward with plans of action that will enable people with disabilities to integrate and become financially productive with equal conditions”.

For his part,, de Pedro commented that: “on behalf of Adecco Foundation, we are very proud to be able to count on the support of such a strong company as Sando Foundation, with the help of whom, we will, without doubt, be able to contribute in helping make Malaga a more impartial and inclusive society that does not discriminate against people just because they are registered disabled. The actions we are proposing to unfold are very diverse and will impact on 2 principal spheres: Sensitivity for what is around us and the acquisition of competence and capability for those with a disability”.
Family Plan, voluntary work and Assistance with obtaining Qualifications.

Among all the actions which will be carried out, there are three initiatives that really stand out: Family Plan, corporate voluntary work and assistance with obtaining qualifications.

The Family Plan is a programme aimed at providing skills and competence so as people with disabilities can find work, which would have an impact on the entire family unit, as this would help the relatives financially and socially.

Corporate voluntary work will allow employees at Sando Foundation to participate in different activities with people with disabilities, for those who can work in a team and help eliminate psychological barriers through empathy. At the same time, people with disabilities will be able to get nearer to the world of work, getting away from their daily routine and picking up social and communication skills which will give them a head-start when accessing the labour market.

And lastly, Assistance with obtaining professional qualifications which will enable people with disabilities to have far more opportunities finding work and jobs where they can apply their knowledge acquired and gain experience.

About Sando Foundation
Sando Foundation is a non-profit organization which is primarily dedicated to organising, sponsoring and collaborating in projects relating to occupational risk prevention, labour, social and cultural integration of marginalized groups through culture, sport and research.

About Adecco Foundation
Adecco Foundation was constituted in July 1999, and is the fruit of Corporate Social Responsibility that the Adecco Group takes on board as a world leader in managing Human Resources. Their main objective is insertion into the labour market of those people who, due to their personal characteristics, find it more difficult to get work.
- People with disabilities
- The long-term unemployed over 45 years of age
- Women with family responsibilities not shared with anyone or victims of domestic violence
- Other groups at risk of social exclusion

Fecha: 06/04/2015

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